Obedience Classes

A rolling course of dog training classes to help you and your pet live your best lives together.  It’s the ideal opportunity to hone your dog training skills in the safe company of like-minded pet owners.  Small classes, and a secure, private venue with plenty of space which is dedicated to dogs and dog training.
Join the group at any time. All ages, breeds, sizes and characters and ability are welcome. Training will be tailored towards your goals and you will have the option to work towards the IMDT Partnership Grades. (Scroll down for more information)
Cost, £15 per session, paid monthly in advance.
Training classes take place outdoors in my large, dog safe field. So please dress for the weather.
Class sizes are limited to 6 dogs so that everyone can have lots of individual coaching as well as taking part in group exercises.
Little Tinkers only ever uses positive reward based training techniques.
Please contact me or call me to book your place 07776 255642

IMDT Partnership Grades

There are six grades to work towards, each one builds on the achievements of the previous grade and there’ll be a rosette, a certificate and a mini celebration each time you complete the training.
Here is a description of each of the IMDT Partnership Grades. I think you’ll agree that they’re sensible goals.
Grade 1:
  • 100 metres loose lead walking with turns and sits
  • ‘Sit’ with duration
  • ‘Down’ with duration
  • Recall from 5 paces
  • Handling of ear, eye and paw
  • Chin rest
Grade 2:
  • 200 metres loose lead walking with turns, pace changes and a ‘sit’
  • ‘Sit with duration and distraction
  • ‘Down with duration and distraction
  • Recall from 20 paces to a front sit position
  • Clear jump (height to suit dog)
  • Trick x 3
Grade 3:
  • 300 metres loose lead waling with turns, pace changes, a sit, wait and recall
  • Search with retrieve
  • Emergency stop
  • Greeting people off lead with no jumping up
  • Clear jump off lead with wait (height to suit dog)
  • Trick x 3 with distance
Grade 4:
  • 400 metres off lead walking with turns, a sit, a down and a side swap
  • Search with indication
  • Down with duration, distance and distraction
  • Greeting a person and a friendly dog off lead with no jumping at person or contact with dog
  • Boomerangs
  • Sendaway
Grade 5:
  • Loose lead walking 250 metres off lead and face paced with turns, a sit, a down and a side swap
  • Search and retrieve to handler 4 separate items, each retrieved individually
  • Canine knowledge quiz
  • Sit with distance, duration and distraction
  • Boomerangs with distance
  • Sendaway with a sit or down and redirection
Grade 6:
  • Loose lead walking 300 metres off lead with pace changes, turns, a sit, a down and two side swaps
  • Sequence of 5 behaviours cued at distance
  • Directions at distance with a sit or down and wait with distractions
  • Retrieve x 3 to middle, retrace to front and regrieve to heel
  • Clear jump with a sit or down and wait with distractions (height to suit dog)