Agility Classes

Currently on Monday's and Tuesdays.
Cost is £12 per session, paid monthly in advance.
Please contact me via our contact form or call  07776 255642 to chat about your dog’s training needs and to book a space.
Canine agility is one of the most rewarding sports I know.  It’s about building a strong bond between dog and owner while you both work on your mental and physical agility.

At Little Tinkers Pet Services, our agility classes are tailored to the experience and fitness levels of the individuals.  At beginner level, you discover how to familiarise your dog with the obstacles and how to guide them around the course.  As you both become more confident, we’ll gradually add more challenges.
It’s great for pets of all ages, sizes, breeds and temperaments. Although for young dogs, we will stick to low impact exercises until their bodies have finished growing.
One thing I can guarantee, is that your dog will sleep like a baby for hours and hours after a good agility session.
Classes are limited to a maximum of four dogs (depending on experience) so that everyone can have plenty of one to one tuition during the session.
Sessions are 60 minutes long and take place in the open air, in my large, fully equipped, enclosed field near North Kelsey